NGCOA Arizona has reached an agreement with Annual Sponsor, UniFirst Corporation.

UniFirst is a nationwide uniform and service provider and has put together a very competitively priced program for our member courses.

How do members win with Unifirst?

  • 25%-40% savings for uniforms and facility services (paper products, soap, mats, mops, towels).
  • Garment prep charges (name emblems, company emblems, bar coding) are waived for the first 30 days (standard sizes only) and discounted for employees added after that period (approximately 60% savings).
  • Uniform pressing, repairs, size exchanges and automatic garment replacements are included in the weekly pricing.
  • New employees will receive their garments within 1 week of the request for standard garments in normal size ranges.
  • UniFirst will inspect all garments during the cleaning process. All repairs needed due to normal wear and tear will be done at no cost to the Customer.
  • UniFirst will automatically replace garments before they become so worn as to impact either appearance or function. This replacement will be done at no charge to the Customer, though the emblem and garment preparation charges will apply at a discounted rate (approximately 60% savings).
  • The service charge (AKA “DEFE”- Delivery, Energy, Fuel, Environmental) is discounted to $6.50/week (normally this is around $15/week depending on the location).
  • Outstanding service

We encourage you to review the UniFirst program before signing or renewing a contract with another uniform provider. We are aware of instances in which the savings was nearly $7,000 in the first year with the UniFirst program.

For any questions, please contact Executive Director Marc Connerly: mconnerly@connerlyandassociates.com or (916) 214-6495